Interior Plant Displays

A research study by N.A.S.A. revealed that enclosed interior environments can contain large amounts of FORMALDEHYDE, BENZENE and other harmful gases. These gases can often effect employees' health, a condition known as sick building syndrome.

Plants and your environment

The study also demonstrated that through PHOTOSYNTHESIS {plant's natural oxygen production} plants remove much of these nasty and potentially harmful gases. Quality maintained foliage plants can also increase worker productivity and can help staff feel less stressed and more attentive.

We believe that innovative plant displays are integral to any interior environment, not only enhancing space but also injecting OXYGEN and vitality into an otherwise static environment.

Plants filter the air, removing CARBON DIOXIDE and some of the harmful toxins given off by modern office equipment and synthetic materials. They also give off oxygen, making people more alert as a result.

Extensive research has proven that plants have a beneficial effect on people's moods and interior decorators often use plants to bring the outdoor environment inside your home.

Why then should your office or working environment be any different? Indoor plants, as well as bringing psychological benefits to occupants and visitors alike, can soften the often sterile appearance and harsh lines of your working environment.

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